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Not heard of the America’s Cup before?

Watch this short video to learn about the history

of the America’s Cup and the incredible context

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Key Stage



*Remote Learning Projects*


We have put together a series of 6 student projects which can be used either in the classroom or at home. These projects are based on the concept of Big Questions – a Big Question is a way of guiding pupils to make links between distinct subject areas and relate them to the world around them.

*STEM Crew Mini Challenges*


We have put together a series of fun STEM Crew Mini-Challenges. These practical challenges are a great way to learn about the Science that INEOS TEAM UK’s Designers and Engineers apply to the design of British America’s Cup race boat, ‘Britannia’.

1:59 Challenge Live Lessons


1:59 Challenge Educational resources taught live.

Enable your students to learn from home with our online resources.

Averages and range


This Maths based topic uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to show the crucial role of data collection and analysis in developing the performance of both the boat and crew. Students will use data generated by the team to develop their learning of mean, median, mode and range of averages.

Code for the Cup


This engaging activity will promote computational thinking, whilst providing both a challenge and a competitive experience. Throughout this topic, students will understand the importance of coding efficiency by exploring a range of algorithmic solutions developed using code blocks. They will sequence instructions to develop a program which they will test and then make further refinements.

D&T Contextual Challenge


This Design & Technology resource has been produced to give students the opportunity to practice a contextual challenge task ahead of their GCSE NEA based on the real-life and exciting context of the British America’s Cup team. It has been designed to lead students through a single cycle of the iterative design process.

Energy stores and transfers


This Physics topic uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to introduce the concept of energy. It examines the different ways in which energy can be stored and transferred and how this relates to the performance of the boat and crew.

Forces introduction


This introductory Forces video is designed to be used as a short introduction to the five lesson resources that look at specific areas of forces in more detail.

Forces Lesson 4: Forces and Motion


In this lesson we explore the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on movement. We ask the big question of how does the INEOS TEAM UK race boat manage to accelerate up to speeds of 60 mph powered only by the wind?

Students carry out a practical investigation into how the size of a force affects an object as it moves through the air.

Forces Lesson 5: Performance Analysis


Join INEOS TEAM UK engineers and learn how to analyse the data from a training run on board Britannia, the cutting edge 60mph America’s Cup sailing boat.

In this lesson we ask, “How do we make sure we get the best performance out of the boat?”

Life Cycle Assessment


Using the real life and engaging context of the British America’s Cup Team, INEOS TEAM UK – students will learn that all products are likely to have some negative impact on the environment.

Materials and their uses


This Design and Technology topic looks at some of the modern and composite materials used by the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK. It examines different materials used in the construction of the boat and why they are selected. It also looks at the materials used in the construction of the crew’s clothing and the properties of these materials that make them suitable for their use.



This Physics and Design and Technology topic covers the relationship between force, area and pressure. It uses the context of the British Americas Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to illustrate calculating values in a hydraulic pressure system and demonstrates the use of hydraulics on the racing boats.

Meet the Team


In addition to the STEM Crew online curriculum linked learning resources, the Moving Parts – Meet the Team videos highlight individuals roles within the a professional sports team. Helping contextualise learning and allowing young people to develop knowledge and understanding of the wide range of careers involved in a technology and design driven professional sports team.

Modern Materials


Amaze your class by making flexible glass fibre in front of their eyes. Through the exciting context of the America’s Cup sailing, supported by the Lloyds Register Foundation archives, this teaching resource explores composite and nano materials for Design Technology and Engineering as well as supporting the nanoparticles element of the Science curriculum.



This topic supports the learning required for Biology, PE and Food Technology. It uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to introduce the topic of nutrition. The topic covers the components of a healthy diet and why they are needed, using the different roles within the team to demonstrate how energy requirements vary acording to activity level. Students go on to calculate the energy provided in a daily meal plan.

Solar panels: Modelling and data analysis – Lesson 1


In this lesson we explore the modelling and data analysis behind INEOS TEAM UK’s solar panel array at their base.

The resource includes a short video introduction to solar panels – a renewable energy source. The video sets the scene and enables you to discuss the motivations behind INEOS TEAM UK’s decision to install the solar panel array. This includes the positive impact it has had as well as how the team monitor its efficiency.

The lesson uses the blueprint of the base’s roof to design the solar panel array, calculate the area and analyse real-life data to evaluate the energy produced. The lesson includes differentiated worksheets.

Solar panels: Modelling and data analysis – Lesson 2


INEOS TEAM UK’s base has a large solar array on the roof. To ensure the team understand how well it performs under different conditions, students help them analyse the data they have collected relating to the amount of electricity produced.

Speed, distance, time


This Maths and Science topic uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK and covers interpreting distance-time graphs, drawing distance-time graphs from given data and defining speed as the distance covered in a set time.

Virtual Tech Deck


Take a virtual tour of our Tech Deck through four short videos which explore some of the science and cutting edge technologies that go into making a winning America’s Cup boat and Team.