Bacteria, Fungi, Protists

All | Biology | Science | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Explain how bacteria, fungi and protists cause illness 
  • Describe how bacteria, fungi and protists live and reproduce 
  • Compare how viruses and bacteria reproduce and make us unwell 
  • Explain how the spread of pathogen can be reduced or prevented.  

Lesson Description

In this, the second of three curriculum linked Biology lessons covering infection and response, we cover bacteria, fungi, and protists. Students research the life cycle and how each causes illness before going on to make recommendations to the sports teams about how the risk of infection can be reduced. This knowledge is then applied to COVID-19 reduction strategies in school. The intention being to make the strong contextual link between curriculum learning and everyday life, ensuring scientific knowledge informs daily practice and behavioural change, just as it does for INEOS Sports teams. 



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1.Lesson 2 Bacteria and preventing the spread of pathogens Covering infection and response, we cover bacteria, fungi, and protists.
Taboo Game 2.Taboo – Plenary game Printable Plenary cards to review student learning

KS3 & KS4 Science, Biology – Infection and Response   


All, Biology, Science

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