The Power of Wellbeing

Biology | PSHE | Science | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on and learn ways to look after your wellbeing
  • Identify how other people can support  your wellbeing
  • Consider how you can support others wellbeing

Designed for use in KS3 form times and beyond, you can pick and mix from the 5 STEM and PSHE challenges below (or do them all!).


Lesson Description

What factors help recovery time? What is the right heart rate zone? What breathing techniques can reduce stress levels? Who is available to us when we need mental and physical support? How and when should we pay it forward?

How to use:
Play the videos on their own or use the PowerPoint, which is packed with information and insights to support discussions around meaningful wellbeing. Don’t forget to look at the PowerPoint notes to explore the topics in more detail.


Featuring Harry Jameson, a Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Expert, this masterclass looks at how we can keep healthier, from both physical and mental health standpoints.



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Biology, PSHE, Science

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