COVID-19 Supporting Posters

All | PSHE | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Reinforce learning from assembly and lesson resources 
  • Provide visual cues to join the team and protect each other by following simple risk control strategies 
  • Motivate and normalise behaviour change by uniting with sports stars to achieve ZERO Days lost to COVID-19

Lesson Description

A standout set of safe practice posters for use around the school in key risk areas. Supporting the ZERO Days message on safe behaviours adopted and promoted by world-famous INEOS Sports’ stars. 

 The posters are customisable with your school logo and are deliberately designed not to look like hazard warning signage, the posters promote the need for a team approach where everyone takes responsibility for keeping their community safe. 

 The posters are supported by a set of direction arrows, (again customisable with your school logo) to help direct safe movement of students around the school and remind them that you are joining the INEOS Sports team with the aim of having ZERO days lost to COVID-19. 



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Wear your mask poster 1.Wear Your Mask For use in communal areas around your school.
2.Wash Your Hands For use in toilets, changing rooms and around your school.
Keep our canteen infection free 3.Keep our canteen infection free For use in dining room and eating areas.
Keep our school infection free 4.Keep our school infection free To be displayed in school reception on arrival and around your school
5.Get back to clubs safely For use in drama, dance and sports halls and changing rooms.
6.Keep your distance For use in changing rooms, sports halls, gyms and on outdoor pitches and sports zones.
When possible walk or cycle to school 7.When possible walk or cycle to school For use on arrival and/or leaving school grounds.
Keep our team infection free 8.Keep our team infection free To be displayed in staff room and staff communal areas
keep our classroom infection free 9.Keep our class infection free For use in your school classrooms
Stay in your lane 10.Stay in your lane For use in school corridors
11.Keep safe outside of school To be displayed on leaving school building and grounds.
Keep safe outside your school 12.Keep safe outside of school To be displayed on leaving school building and grounds.
13.Keep your distance For use in outside spaces and playgrounds.
14.Directional Posters For use around your school, to help students keep a safe distance.
Add your school emblem 15.Add your school emblem Example to show where you can add your school details to all of the above posters



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