COVID-19 Managing Risk Activities

All | PSHE | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how we currently successfully manage hazards and risk in our everyday lives   
  • Know what COVID-19 is, how it is spread and how it makes us ill. 
  • Describe how we can protect ourselves and others from COVID-19.
  • Know who we are protecting and why it is important we all adopt a team approach. 



Lesson Description

Following on from the assembly. A tutor group style lesson resource designed to help students understand, normalise, and take ownership of the new control measures required on their return to school because of COVID-19. The aim is to help remove the anxiety that is likely to be felt by many students in coming back to school in a COVID world. Taking inspiration from the INEOS Sports teams and their proven team approach to delivering ZERO days lost to illness, the lesson takes students through risk assessing their own activities in relation to COVID-19 and reflecting on the need not just to protect themselves but each other within and outside the school. 



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Lesson PowerPoint 1.Managing Risk Lesson Lesson presentation with teacher notes and student practical activities
2.Blank Risk Assessment Table Allow students to work individually at home or in small groups to decide how to categorise different activities that they encounter as part of their daily lives.
3.Student Risk Assessment Activity This printable version of the student risk assessment matrix is designed to support the lesson activity, for use at home or in class.

KS3/4 Science Biology – Infection and response  

Risk assessments in GCSE Science, PE, Sports Science and Product Design.   

Gatsby benchmarks through links to professional roles in sports



Key Stage

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