Power Ratings & Tidal Turbines

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is meant by a power rating.
  • Calculate the cost of running different devices in the home.
  • Convert between units for power and time.
  • Understand how prefixes are used for SI units.

Lesson Description

This resource explores the concept of electrical device power within the context of clean renewable tidal energy available in the waters surrounding the Isle of Wight. It investigates how much power can be generated from a tidal turbine and how much power our domestic appliances require.



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Animation for power ratings and tidal turbines 1. Teaching Presentation
Activity Sheet tumbnail 2. Activity Sheet: 1
Power & Prefixes Activity thumbnail 3. Activity Sheet: 2
The Cost of Energy Activity Thumbnail 4. Activity Sheet: 3
Activity Sheet tumbnail 5. Answer Sheets


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