Resilience Assembly

All | PSHE | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of ‘Resilience ‘
  • Explore the concept of a growth mindset
  • Discussing how to face challenges

Lesson Description

Allow your students to explore the concept of ‘resilience’ with our workshop and presentation, including hands on activities to inspire and engage your students. This resource can be easily used in school or at home.

Listen to INEOS TEAM UK talk about their approach the challenge of the America’s Cup. Highlighting how being resilient,  working hard and staying focussed can help you achieve your goals.

On the sofa with Ben & George: Thinking about resilience, teamwork and dedication



For immediate access to all of our free Key stage 3 and 4 STEM teaching resources.

1.Resilience Workshop Presentation Use this editable presentation, to teach your students how to be resilient and show them how it can improve their learning.
2.The Importance of being resilient

INEOS TEAM UK talking about the hard work and dedication they have put into the America’s Cup.


David ‘Freddie’ Carr talks about why building resilience is so important.

4.INEOS TEAM UK: What can we do better?



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