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Not heard of the America’s Cup before?

Watch this short video to learn about the history

of the America’s Cup and the incredible context

we use within our resources.




Key Stage



Energy stores and transfers


This Physics topic uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to introduce the concept of energy. It examines the different ways in which energy can be stored and transferred and how this relates to the performance of the boat and crew.

Forces introduction


This introductory Forces video is designed to be used as a short introduction to the five lesson resources that look at specific areas of forces in more detail.

Forces Lesson 4: Forces and Motion


In this lesson we explore the effect of balanced and unbalanced forces on movement. We ask the big question of how does the INEOS TEAM UK race boat manage to accelerate up to speeds of 60 mph powered only by the wind?

Students carry out a practical investigation into how the size of a force affects an object as it moves through the air.



This Physics and Design and Technology topic covers the relationship between force, area and pressure. It uses the context of the British Americas Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to illustrate calculating values in a hydraulic pressure system and demonstrates the use of hydraulics on the racing boats.



This topic supports the learning required for Biology, PE and Food Technology. It uses the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK to introduce the topic of nutrition. The topic covers the components of a healthy diet and why they are needed, using the different roles within the team to demonstrate how energy requirements vary acording to activity level. Students go on to calculate the energy provided in a daily meal plan.

Physics: Pacemakers


Through exciting hands-on activities, this resource challenges students to understand the impact of resistive forces, specifically air resistance, and the ways that this can be minimised on moving objects.

Remote Learning Projects


We have put together a series of 6 student projects which can be used either in the classroom or at home. These projects are based on the concept of Big Questions – a Big Question is a way of guiding pupils to make links between distinct subject areas and relate them to the world around them.

Virtual Tech Deck


Take a virtual tour of our Tech Deck through four short videos which explore some of the science and cutting edge technologies that go into making a winning America’s Cup boat and Team.