The Power of Self Care

Biology | Chemistry | PSHE | Science | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect on and learn ways to look after your wellbeing
  • Identify how you can help yourself
  • Develop your emotional vocabulary

Designed for use in KS3 form times and beyond, you can pick and mix from the 5 STEM and PSHE challenges below (or do them all!).


Lesson Description

Can you eat your way to a better brain? What does better sleep do to our brain function levels? What is the gut-mind connection? What is the benefit of expanding our emotional vocabulary?

How to use:
Play the videos on their own or use the PowerPoint, which is packed with information and insights to support discussions around meaningful wellbeing. Don’t forget to look at the PowerPoint notes to explore the topics in more detail.

Featuring Kimberley Wilson, Psychologist and Brain Health Expert, this masterclass unpicks self-care and emphasises the importance of understanding our minds and bodies.


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