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Learning Objectives

  • Describe what is meant by a pathogen 
  • Describe different ways pathogens can be spread 
  • Describe how viruses cause illness 
  • Explain how the spread of pathogens can be reduced or prevented 
  • Describe how viruses live and reproduce inside cells, causing cell damage. 

Lesson Description

In this, the first of three curriculum linked Biology lessons covering infection and response topic, we investigate what pathogens are and how they spread. Focusing on communicable disease and viruses exemplified through Coronaviruses and COVID-19.  

Using the professional sporting context of the INEOS Grenadiers to see how they reduced the threat of lost training and competition days due to illness through infection control and the ZERO Days program. Students carry out a hands-on practical activity to support thinking and learning around how communicable diseases are spread and the need to identify the source of an infection.  



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1.Lesson 1 Viruses and the spread of pathogens PowerPoint for lesson 1. Focusing on communicable disease and viruses exemplified through Coronavirus and COVID-19.
2.Lab Sheet and Teacher Notes A hands-on practical activity, encouraging students to think about the factors affecting the transmission of disease.

KS 3 & KS4 Science, Biology – Infection and Response   


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