Fitness & Body Movement

Biology | PE | PSHE | Science | 11-16

Learning Objectives

  • Practice simple stretches
  • Understand the benefits of regular stretching
  • Reflect on the muscle groups used during stretches

Designed for use in KS3 form times and beyond, you can pick and mix from the 5 desk stretches below (or do them all!).



Lesson Description

How to use:
Play the desk stretch video on its own or use the PowerPoint to explore the exercises in more detail (don’t forget to look at the notes section too). They’re a great way for students to develop stretching techniques and understand how simple exercises can improve our overall wellbeing.

Bonus workout
Once students may have mastered the stretches, can they complete a 5-minute workout using coaching techniques from the most successful rugby team of all time?

This masterclass features expert trainers demonstrating coaching techniques used by the New Zealand All Blacks XV rugby team and the Teams in Black.


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