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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the science behind how the new America’s Cup boats ‘fly’ at 60mph.
  • Describe how wings, sails and hydrofoils work in the same way to generate lift. 
  • Experience sailing on board with INEOS TEAM UK.
  • Identify some of the modern materials used in the America’s Cup boat.
  • Understand the properties of some modern materials and what makes them suitable for their intended use.
  • Identify links between careers in a professional sports team and STEM subjects at school.
  • Learn about the range of job roles that go into making up a professional sports team.
  • Understand the importance of constant small changes in developing a winning boat.
  • Understand the elements required to create a winning team.

Lesson Description

Take a virtual tour of our Tech Deck, through four short videos that explore some of the science and cutting edge technologies, that go into making a winning America’s Cup boat and Team. 



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1. Welcome from Sir Ben Ainslie

This welcome video introduces you to the home of INEOS TEAM UK and the Team’s mission to bring the America’s Cup back home for the first time in 169 years!


2. Forces and Lift

This video looks at how the new AC75 boat manages to ‘fly’ above the water on foils at speeds of over 60mph, powered only by the wind! We explore the physics behind how an aircraft wing, sail and foil work to create lift. 

3. Modern Materials

In this video see how new and modern materials are incorporated into the design and development of the boat and equipment to stay ahead of the competition!


4. Jump on board with INEOS TEAM UK

Jump on board with David ‘Freddie’ Carr! Experience the sights and sounds of sailing with Sir Ben Ainslie and his INEOS TEAM UK sailors. 


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