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Learning Objectives

To allow students to continue their learning whilst studying at home our Big Questions are a way of enabling pupils to make cross curricular links and relate their learning to the world around them.



Lesson Description

This year’s summer term competition is based around our remote learning projects. It is easy to enter- you may already have completed the work – with some super prizes for your students in a number of categories.

The remote learning project competition is a national STEM competition that aims to inspire and challenge young people in secondary schools. It calls upon students to answer our Big Questions using the resources provided as well as their own research.

The Big Questions cover a range of topics and are all linked to the real world around us, inspired by INEOS TEAM UK’s challenge to the America’s Cup.

Simply, complete a Big Question project from the selection on STEM Crew, use the student workbook as a framework if required and email your project to us by 6th July. All you need to know can be found in the following documents.

Good luck and have fun!

The STEM Crew Team.



For immediate access to all of our free Key stage 3 and 4 STEM teaching resources.

3. Q1) What impact have advances in materials science had on boat design? 
4. Q1) Offline resource: advances in materials science
5. Q2) What does it take to become an elite athlete? 
6. Q2) Offline resource: becoming an elite athlete
7. Q3) How do you design a winning America’s Cup boat? 
8. Q3) Offline resource: design a winning America's Cup boat
9. Q4) How can we design a product to minimise it's impact on the environment? 
10. Q4) Offline resource: minimising enivronmental impact
11. Q5) How has innovation and technology impacted performance in sport? 
12. Q5) Offline resource: innovation and tech in sport
13. Q6) What does it take to win the America’s Cup?
14. Q6) Offline resource: winning the America's Cup
15. Optional: student workbook


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