Ocean Acidification


Learning Objectives

IDENTIFY what the carbon cycle is

DESCRIBE the sources and stores of carbon in the carbon cycle

EXPLAIN the processes used to transfer carbon stores through the carbon cycle

IDENTIFY the term global warming

DESCRIBE the difference between global warming and climate change

EXPLAIN the effect greenhouse gases have on global warming using a lab example

CONNECT and apply human activity to a rise in global temperatures

IDENTIFY what the pH scale is and its purpose

DETERMINE the pH of some everyday substances

EXPLAIN various ways to identify the pH of substances

ANALYZE the pH of water samples using universal indicator paper


Lesson Description



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1. Teaching presentation: What is the carbon cycle?
2. Teacher notes
3. Teachers Notes
4. Teaching presentation: What is global warming?
5. Teachers notes
6. What is pH?
7. Teacher notes
8. Teaching presentation: What is ocean acidification?
9. Teachers notes
10. Teaching presentation: Carbon Footprint
11. Teachers notes


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