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INEOS 1:59 Challenge Teaching Resources

On 12th October 2019 Eliud Kipchoge, with support from the INEOS 1:59 Performance team, broke the last great barrier in modern athletics, the two-hour marathon. In doing so he inspired others to believe that they can overcome their own personal barriers. He believes that #NoHumanIsLimited.

This series of 3 exciting STEM challenges for students covers key aspects of the challenge Eliud and his team faced; pacemakers, nutrition and course selection.

Students will put themselves into the roles of the 1:59 Team and will investigate what it takes to run a sub-two-hour marathon by carrying out hands-on practical work in physics, biology and maths.

All lessons are fully linked to the National Curriculum and are free.

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Teaching Resources

Biology: Nutrition


In this lesson students will investigate the amount of energy in different food sources and how the amount of energy required by the human body differs according to the level of activity.

Maths: Course Selection


Students will find out how choosing the optimum location of Vienna was imperative to the success of the 1:59 Challenge. They will learn how to measure angles, plot bearings and accurately assess and calculate distances.

Physics: Pacemakers


Through exciting hands-on activities, this resource challenges students to understand the impact of resistive forces, specifically air resistance, and the ways that this can be minimised on moving objects.

1:59 Challenge Live Lessons


3 exciting STEM challenges taught by STEM Crew with special guest Robby Ketchall. Created for students and cover key aspects of the challenge Eliud and his team faced; pacemakers, nutrition and course selection. Enable your students to learn from home with our online resources.