Free Mathematics Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Teaching Resources

Our free key stage 3 and key stage 4 teaching resources will help bring mathematics to life through the inspiration of INEOS TEAM UK’s challenge for the America’s Cup, the Formula 1 of international sailing.

Mathematics is an important subject at every stage in life, helping with our reasoning and problem-solving skills, as well as helping us to think analytically and critically about the world we live in. At key stage 3 and 4, children focus on developing their mathematical skills, reasoning and fluency through mental and written methods, as well as using calculators and computers. With STEM Crew resources, you are able to connect interesting real-world topics with mathematical skills, such as averages, range and data analysis, to engage children and make the subject fun.

Key Stage 3 and 4 worksheets, lesson ideas, videos and maths resources

STEM Crew offer multiple resources to make teaching maths more exciting and immersive for both you and your class. Teaching averages and range through the topic of the British America’s Cup team shows the role of data collection and analysis in developing the performance of both the boat and crew. Students develop their understanding of mean, median, mode and range of averages.

Another great resource focuses on nutrition in the real-life context of the British America’s Cup team, covering the components of a healthy diet and what is needed, leaving the students to calculate the energy provided in a daily meal plan.

By teaching students using these engaging resources, it is more likely that they will retain the information. It will also show them how mathematics can be connected with everyday context.

Each resource includes a main video which introduces the topics, the context and the challenge or learning. It also includes a number of worksheets for students to explore the different mathematical challenges these real-life experiences pose, encouraging them to work out different problems and factors.

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