Food Technology Key Stage 3 & 4 STEM Teaching Resources

Our free key stage 3 and key stage 4 food technology resources will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject and how it can be applied to real-life scenarios, through the INEOS TEAM UK’s challenge for the America’s Cup, the Formula 1 of international sailing.

Food technology allows students to explore their creativity and become confident in a variety of cooking processes, including choosing and preparing ingredients, using kitchen equipment and adapting recipes, as well as the importance of healthy eating and the core principles of nutrition.

Food technology worksheets, quiz, questions & answers, and other resources for Key Stage 3 & 4

STEM Crew offer a variety of free teaching resources that will help make food technology engaging for both students and teachers, including videos, quizzes, and worksheets. These resources will challenge, engage, and teach pupils, while constantly relating their learning back to real-world scenarios.

Our nutrition resources will introduce students to the six key food groups, providing examples of foods that fall into each category. The programme then moves on to explain the different elements needed in a healthy diet, and perhaps more importantly, why they are needed. Through their learning, students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the different food groups, calculate the energy provided in a daily meal plan, and evaluate their own diet to identify how they could make it healthier.

Each resource includes a main video to introduce the topic, the context, and the challenge or learning. It also includes a variety of worksheets for students to explore and evaluate the different food technology challenges posed by these real-life scenarios.

Explore all of our Key Stage 3 & 4 food technology resources.

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